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Deadpubs, taverns and tokens.

This is a historical site about early London coffee Houses and Taverns and will also link to my current pub history site and also The London street directory

 Well, I update a pub history site, which is popular, although not very good. It scores highly in google search, although I never actually receive any emails about the site, or updates, or only a few. The pub history site is organised by the  records of a church parish, which is totally daft, rather than modern postcodes which most people understand.

But, when looking at adding 1666 records (Charles II), it's not so daft as postcodes were a thing for the visionary at that time! I have been reading about a Robert Hooke, who was a city surveyor (and mad, very clever, scientist), who helped rebuild London after the Great Fire of London. I have also been reading Pepys diaries, which refer to a number of drinking establishments (taverns) where he drank heavily. Initially I thought this would be an excellent inroad to the taverns of this period, but it is very limiting, with less than one hundred and fifty noted.

I then discovered the Beaufoy collection of pub tokens, which are held by the British Museum. And laterally, the Boynes collection, which is huge in comparison. I have since been adding these lists of very early tokens to this site in the hope they would be of use to someone - to me they are gold fairy dust!

The rebuild of London was taxed by a hearth tax, that is a tax on the number of fire places in a building. Interesting. The records for the hearth tax exist for 1662 and 1666, by church parish, and a name and number of hearths. You have to fill in the rest of the blanks, like the actual address!

There are also a huge number of collectors of very early pub tokens, usually farthings, which existed at this time. These were a private mintage and may have had the initials, or name of a person, the sign of their tavern, or something similar, and occasionally a date. Add all of this detail together and you have lots of details. I just need to add this all together to make a brilliant web site on Pepys, pub tokens, pub history etc etc. Here is a start: the deadpubs site.

And a whole host of Tradesmens tokens between 1648 and 1672 of many public houses, taverns, ins etc. A book load.

Now onto the pubs and taverns mentioned in Pepys diary.

London Taverns. The history of signboards, from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.

Some taverns and coffee houses being attached to Masonic Lodges (1725-1810)

Ancient Inns of  Southwark


Famous Southwark Inns - Henry C Shelley

Inns and Taverns further afield - Henry C Shelley

Inns and Taverns east of St Pauls

Taverns of Fleet street

Taverns west of Temple bar.

The Taverns of Fleet street


Coffee houses - a history

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