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Taverns and Coffee Houses attached to Masonic Lodges 1792 to 1813.

List 1 (1725 - 1729) : List 2 ( 1730 - 1732) : List 3 (1736 - 1739) : List 4 (1781 - 1791) : List 5 (1792 - 1813)

This List of Lodges, which was commenced 27th November 1725, seems to have been continued until 1729. It probably served as the official record of Lodges and their members, until succeeded by the revised list for 1730.

My interest in the Lodges are the establishments which they attach themselves, in particular the early taverns and the coffee houses, although the detail of address is fairly limited.

LIST No. 17.

List Of Lodges 1792-1813.

List of Lodges with their Numbers as altered, by order of the Grand Lodge, 18th April 1792. {From Freemasons Calendar 1793).

The Stewards Lodge (constituted 1735) Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen Street, 3rd Wednesday from October to May. Public Nights, 3rd Wednesday in March and December.

Time Immemorial.

1 L. of Antiquity, Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen Street. (formerly Goose and Gridiron, St. Pauls Churchyard)
2 Somerset House L., Freemasons Tavern

3 L. of Friendship, Thatched House Tavern, St Jamess Street
4 British L., White Horse, King Street, Golden Square
5 Westminster and Keystone L., Horn Tavern, Palace Yard

6 L. of Fortitude, Roebuck, Oxford Street
7 L. of St. Mary-la-bonne, Cavendish Square Coffee House
8 Ionic L., Kings Arms, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square
9 Dundee Arms L. (P. Rm.), Red Lion Street, Wapping

10 Kentish Lodge of Antiquity, Sun Tavern, Chatham
11 Kings Arms, Wandsworth, Surrey
12 L. of Emulation, Pauls Head Tavern, Cateaton Street
13 Fraternal L., Mitre, Church Street, Greenwich
14 Globe L., Globe Tavern, Fleet Street
15 Jacobs Ladder, Now London Tavern, Cheapside

16 White Swan, St. Peters, Norwich
17 L. of Antiquity, Kings Arms, Portsmouth
18 Castle L. of Harmony, Horn, Doctors Commons
19 L. of Philanthrophy, Black Lion, Stockton upon Tees, Durham

20 Globe Tavern, Fleet Street
21 Old Kings Arms Lodge, Freemasons Tavern

22 St. Albans Lodge, Thomass Tavern, Dover Street, Piccadilly

23 L. of Attention, Freemasons Tavern

24 St. Johns L., at Gibraltar

25 Castle L., White Swan, Mansel Street, Goodmans Fields
26 The Corner Stone L., Thatched House Tavern, St. Jamess Street
27 Britannic L., Star and Garter, Pall Mall
28 Well Disposed L., at the Cock, Waltham Abbey
29 Lodge of Fortitude, Hamburgh Arms, East Smithfield

30 Sociable L., Horn Tavern, Doctors Commons
31 Medina L., Vine, West Cowes
32 Kings Arms, Marybone Street, Piccadilly
33 Anchor and Hope, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire.
34 Sarum L. (P. Rm.), George Court, High Street, Salisbury
35 St. Johns L., Half Moon, Fore Street, Exeter

36 Royal Cumberland L., Bear Inn, Bath
37 L. of Relief, Swan, Bury, Lanc.
38 St. Pauls L., Shakespear Tavern, Birmingham
39 Royal Exchange, Boston, in New England
40 Valenciennes, French Flanders

41 Strong Man, East Smithfield, late the Ship at the Hermitage

42 Swan, Wolverhampton
43 Union L. of Freedom and Ease, Coal Hole, Fountain Court, Strand
44 L. of Industry, Rose and Crown, Swalwell, Durham
45 Solomans L., Charlestown, S. Carolina
46 Solomans L., No. 1, Savannah, in Georgia
47 Angel, Colchester

52 Kings Head, Norwich
53 L. of St. George de lObservance, Bedford Coffee House, Covent Garden
50 Constitutional L., Old Crown and Cushion, Lambeth
51 Marsh Howard L. of Brotherly Love, Crown, Arundel, Sussex

52 Parham L., Parham, in Antigua
53 City L., Ship Tavern, Leadenhall Street
54 L. of Felicity, Braunds Head, Bond Street
55 Vacation L., Star and Garter, Paddington
56 L. of Affability, Castle Inn, New Brentford

57 Royal Navy L. near Wapping Old Stairs
58 Royal Chester L., Feathers Inn, Bridge Street, Chester
59 Bakers L., St. Johns, Antigua
60 L. of Peace and Harmony, London Stone Tavern, Cannon Street
61 Union Cross, Halifax and Yorkshire
62 The Great L., St. Johns, Antigua
63 L. of Fortitude, White Horse, Hanging Ditch, Manchester

64 Mother L., at Kingston, Jamaica, No. 1
65 Mother L., Scotch Arms, at St. Christopher, Basseterre
66 L. of Sincerity, Joiners and Feltmakers Arms, Joiner Street, Southwark
67 L. of Peace and Plenty, Red Lion, Horseleydown Lane
68 Grenadiers L., Coach and Horses, Frith Street, Soho

69 Lodge of Prudence, Griffin, Half Moon Street, Piccadilly
70 Star in the East, at Calcutta, 1st L. of Bengal
71 St. Michaels L., in Barbadoes

72 L. of Unity, Repository Coffee House, Little St. Martins Lane
73 Old Road, St. Christophers
74 The Union, Frankfort, in Germany

75 Prince George L., George Town, Winyaw, S. Carolina

76 Queens Head,c Accle, Norfolk
77 L. at St. Eustatins

78 Maids Head, Norwich
79 Prince Georges L., Plymouth

80 Red Cow, St. Giless, Norwich
81 Second L., Boston, New England
82 No. 1, Halifax, in Nova Scotia

83 Marblehead L., in Massachnsets Bay, New England.
84 St. Christophers, at Sandy Point
85 Newhaven L., in Connecticut, New England.

86 Unicorn, St. Marys, Norwich
87 Lodge of Love and Honour, Royal Standard, Falmouth
88 Star Tavern, upon the Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
89 L. of Freedom, Gravesend
90 Sea Capts. L., Nags Head, Leadenhall Street.

91 St. Johns L., Bridge Town, Barbadoes
92 George L., Rose and Crown, Downing Street, Westminster.
93 The Stewards L., Freemasons Hall, Madras
94 St. Peters L., Barbadoes

95 Old Cumberland Lodge, Red Lion, Old Cavendish Street, Oxford Street
96 Foundation L., Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen Street.
97 United L. of prudence, Horse Grenadier, near North Audley
98 Lily Tav., Guernsey
99 Fountain, Briggs Lane, Norwich
100 Evangelists L., Montserratt
101 Legs of Man, at Frescot, Lanc.
102 Royal Exchange, Norfolk, in Virginia

103 Druids L. of Love and Liberty, London Inn, Redruth, Cornwall
104 Rose and Crown, Crown Street, Westminster
105 Castle and Lion, St. Peters, Mancroft, Norwich
106 Scientific L., Eagle and Child, Cambridge
107 St. Michaels L., City of Scherwin, Dutchy of Mecklenburg
108 St. Jamess L., Blue Posts, Berwick Street, Soho
109 No. 2 St. Eustatins
110 Ancient French L., French Hotel, Leicester Fields
111 L. of unanimity, Bulls Head, Manchester

112 8th Kings Own Reg. Foot
113 Gloucester L., George and Blue Boar Inn, Holborn
114 L. at Wilmington, Cape Fear River, N. Carolina
115 Sea Captains L., Greenhalghs Coffee House, Liverpool
116 Union L., Charlestown, S. Carolina
117 L. of Regularity, Thatched House Tavern, St. James Street
118 L. of Freedom and Ease, Three Jolly Butchers, Old Street Road
119 Swan, Yorktown, Virginia
120 Wounded 1 Norwich
121 Phoenix L., Sunderland, Durham
122 Grand L. Frederick, at Hanover
123 Plume of Feathers, Chester

124 St. Davids L., Kings Arms Coffee House, Brook Street.
125 A Masters L., Charlestown, S. Carolina
126 Port Royal L., Carolina
127 L. of St. George, Island of St. An Croix, W. Indies
128 Burlington L., Coach and Horses, Burlington Street

129 Sea Captains L., Kings Head, High Street, Sunderland
130 Providence L., Rhode Island
131 Shakespear, Covent Garden
132 St. Marys L., St. Marys Island, Jamaica
133 Kings Arms, Blakeney, Norfolk
134 Fountain, Broad Street, Carnaby Market
135 St. Johns L., Anne Street, New York

136 Kings Head, Cottishall, Norfolk
137 L. of Unity, Kings Arms, Plymouth
138 Beaufort L., Shakespear, Princes Street, Bristol
139 Lodge at Bombay, in the East Indies

140 L. of Fortitude, Half Moon, George Street, Plymouth Dock
141 The Sun, at Newton Abbott, Devonshire

142 London L., London Coffee House, Ludgate Hill

143 L. of Industry and Perseverance, Calcutta, No. 2 L. of Bengal
144 Restoration L. (P. Room), at Priest Gate, Darlington
145 Union L., Crow Lane, Bermuda

146 St. Georges L., Globe Inn Exeter
147 British Union L., Golden Lion, Ipswich
148 Royal Frederick, at Rotterdam
149 Royal Lancashire L., Hole in the Wall, Colne, Lanc.
150 St. Albans L., Shakespear Tavern, Birmingham
151 Merchants L., Quebec
152 St. Andrews L., Quebec
153 St. Patricks Lodge, Quebec
154 St. Peters L., Montreal
155 Select L., Quebec
156 52nd Regiment of Foot, Quebec
157 Royal Navy L., 3 Kings Head, Deal
158 L. of Friendship, Crown, Lynn Regis, Norfolk
159 L. of Inhabitants, Gibraltar
160 Falladiuu L., Bowling Green, Hereford
161 Door to Virtue, Heldesham, Germany

162 Union L., White Lion, Nottingham
163 St. Marks L., S. Carolina
164 L. of regularity, St. Johns Hall, Black River, Mosquito Shore
165 Old Black Bull, Richmond, Yorkshire
166 Marquis of Granby L. (P. Room), Old Elvit, Durham
167 L. of Amity, St. Georges Quay, Bay of Honduras
168 Thorn, at Burnley in Lancashire
169 Union L., Rose and Crown, St. Catherine Street, near the Tower
170Royal Meoklenbargh L., White Lion Inn, Croydon, Surrey

171 Royal L., Thatched House Tavern, St. Jamess Street.
172 La Sagesso, St. Andrews, at the Grenadoea
173 White Lion, Kendal, Westmoreland
174 St. Nicholas L., The Swan, Harwich
175 White Hart, Ringwood, Hants
176 L. of Harmony, Red Lion, Faversham
177 Salutation, Topsham, Devonshire
178 Horse Shoe and Magpye, Worcester St. Park, Southwark
179 Philharmonic L., Bell, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire
180 Caledonian L., Half Moon Tavern, Gracechurch Street
181 L. of Perpetual Friendship, Lamb Inn, Bridgewater, Somerset

182 L. St. John Evan, Northumberland Arms, Goodge Street, Rathbone Place
183 British Social L., White Bear, Old Street Square
184 Tuscan L., Kings Head Tavern, Holborn
185 Oporative Masons, Cannon, Portland Road, Marybone.
186 Gothic L., Foot Guards, Settling House, Whitehall
187 Old Antelope Inn, Pool, in Dorsetshire
188 Corinthian L., Cock and Bottle, Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor Square
189 Tontine, Sheffield, in Yorkshire
190 At Allost, in Flanders
191 St. Georges L„ Stratford Coffee House, Oxford Street
192 Black Horse, Tombland, Norwich
193 R. Edwin L., Angel, Bury St. Edmunds
194 St. Lukes L., Don Salteros Coffee House, Chelsea
195 L. at Joppa, in Baltimore County, Maryland
196 L. of Perfeot Friendship, White Hart Inn, Bath
197 At St. Hilary, Jersey
198 Swan, Warrington, Lancashire
199 L. of Perfect Unanimity, Madras, No. 1, Coast of Coromandel (revived)1786
200 L. No. 1, Bencoolen
201 Tortola and Beef Island

202 L. of unanimity, George and Crown, Wakefield, Yorkshire
203 Kings Arms Punch House, Shad Thames
204 English L. at Bourdeaux (havo met since the year 1732)
205 Bedford L., Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen Street
206 Patriotic L., Greyhound, Croydon, Surrey
207 Star L., Coach and Horses Inn, Northgate St., Chester
208 St. Nicolas L., Newcastle-npon-Tyne
209 Sion L., North Shields, Northumberland
210 L. of True Friendship, Seven Stars, Bromley, Middlesex

211 Angel, Upper Ground, Christ Church, Southwark
212 L. of Integrity, Bulls Head Inn, Manchester
213 Union L., Rising Sun, Castle Ditch, Bristol
214 At Grenoble, in France
215 L. of Morality, Kings Head, Old Compton Street, Soho
216 Three Lions, Marlborough in Hessia
217 L. of Honor and Generosity, Turks Head, King Street, Holborn
218 L. of Union, Three Jolly Hatters, Bermondsey Street
219 Royal York of Friendship, at Berlin, Middle mark of Brandenburg
220 British Union, Rotterdam
221 St. Johns L., Long Room, Hampstead
222 Three Pillars, Rotterdam
223 Royal White Hart L., Halifax, North Carolina
224 L. of Amity, White Horse, Preston, Lancashire
225 L. of Amity, Canton, in China
226 All-Souls L., Tiverton, in Devonshire
227 L. of Friendship, Angel, Ilford, Essex

228 L. of Concord, Two Angels and Crown, Little St. Martins Lane
229 Mona L., Kings Head, at Holyhead, Anglesea, N. Wales
230 La Victoire, City of Rotterdam, in Holland
231 L. of Sincerity, Jamaica House, Rotherhithe
232 Caveac L., Angel, Hammersmith
233 In the 21th Regiment Foot
234 Constant Union, the City of Ghent, in Flanders
235 Godolphin L., St. Marys Island, Scilly
236 Manchester L., Crown, St. Dunstans Passage, Fleet Street
237 L. of Perfect Union, in His Sicilian Majestys Regt. of Foot, Naples
238 LEsperanco, Thatched House Tavern, St. Jamess St.
239 Queen Charlottes L., Coachmakers Arms, Hosier Lane, West Smithfield

240 Sun L., City of Flashing, Province of Zealand
241 Three Tuns, Stourbridge, Worcestershire
242 L. of Unity, King Henrys head, Red Lion Street, Whitechapel
243 Royal George L., at Newton Abbott
244 Beaufort L., at Swansea
245 Well Chosen L., at Naples
246 L. of Virtue, White Lion, Market Place, Bath
247 Inflexible L., White Hart, Mitcham, Surrey
248 L. of Hospitality, Bush Tavern, Corn Street, Bristol
249 St. Peters L., Cross Keys, Shad Thames
250 No. 1, at Sweden
251 No. 2, at Sweden
252 No. 3, at Sweden
253 Golden Lion, at Neston, Cheshire
254 L. of Sinoerity, at the Peace and fame, Plymouth Dock
255 L. of St. John, Fleece Tavern, Manchester

256 L. of Perfect Harmony, at Mons, Austrian Netherlands
257 L. of Friendship, Bunch of Grapes, Limehouse Hole
258 L. of Prosperity, Globe Tavern, St. Saviours Churchyard, Southwark
259 St. Charles de la Concord, in the City of Brunswick
260 L. of Fortitude and Perseverance, Spread Eagle, Epsom
261 White Hart, Christchurch, Hants
262 L. of Concord, Barnard Castle, Durham

263 Jerusalem L., Crown Tavern, Clerkenwell Green
264 L. of Industry, Ben Jonsons Head, Shoe Lane
265 h. of Perfect Union, at Leghorn
266 L. of Sincere Brotherly Love, at Leghorn
267 Lodgo of Perfect Union, St. Petersburgh
268 L. of Freedom, Prince George, Fore St. Plymouth Dock
269 Junior L., Kingston, No. 2, in Jamaica
270 Harmony L., Kingston, No. 3, in Jamaica
271 St. Jamess L., Montego Bay, No. 4, in Jamaica
272 Union L., St. Jamess Parish, No. 5, in Jamaica
273 L. of Harmony, Blue Bell, Carlisle, Cumberland

274 Rising Sun L., at Fort Marlborough, East Indies
275 L. of Vigilance, Island of Grenada
276 L. of Discretion, Island of Grenada
277 Torbay L., Crown and Anchor, at Paignton, in Devon
278 Union L., at St. Enstatins, West Indies
279 L. of Candour, at Strasbourg
280 L. of Friendship, at Sir John Falstaff, Lower Water Gate, Deptford
281 L. of Speights-town, in Barbadoes
282 L. of Concord, at Antigua
283 Master Mariners L., George Inn, Back Lane, St. George in the East
284 Royal Edmund L. at Bury St. Edmunds
285 Union L. at Venice
286 Lodge at Verona
287 L. of Liberty, Kings Arms, Vauxhall
288 The 6th Lodge of Bengal, at Calcutta

289 L. at Detroit in Canada
290 Apollo L., at York
291 L. of Jehosaphat, Rummer Tavern, Bristol
292 The 10th L. of Bengal, with 3rd Brigade at Cawupore
293 L. of Humility with Fortitude, the 11th L. of Bengal at Calcutta
294 St. Johns L. at Newmarket
295 L. of Union, Hillgate, Town of Gateshead, Durham
296 Williamsburg L. at Williamsburg, Virginia
297 Botetourt L. at Botetourt, Virginia
298 L. Frederick at Cassel in Germany
299 L. of Good Friends at Rousseau, in Dominica

300 L. of Liberty and Sinoerity, Crown Inn, Bridgewater, Somerset
301 L. of Prudence, Boot and Shoe, Leigh, Lane
302 Unity L., No. 2, at Savaunah, in Georgia
303 L. of the Nine Muses, No. 1, at Petersburgh, in Russia
304 L. of The Muse Urania, No. 2, at Petersburgh, in Russia
305 L. of Bellona, No. 3, at Petersburgh, in Russia
306 L. of Mars, No. 4, at Yassy, in Russia
307 L. of The Muse Clio, No. 5, at Moscow, in Russia
308 St. Bedes L., Whoatsheaf, Morpeth, Northumberland
309 Lodge of Harmony, at Guernsey

310 Durnovarian L., Royal Oak, Dorchester, Dorset
311 Helvetic Union L., Ship Tavern, Leadenhall Street
312 Sun and Sector, Workington in Cumberland
313 St. Jean de Nouvello, Esperance, in Turin
314 True and Faithful L., White Bear, West Malling, in Kent
315 Grenadiers L., at Savaunah, in Georgia
316 L. of St. George in the East, the 12th L., of Bengal, with the 3rd Brigade
317 Green Island L. at Green Island, No. 8, Jamaica
318 L. of Lucca, Parish of Hanover, No. 9, Jamaica
319 Union L. of Savaunah le Mar, No. 11, Jamaica
320 Union L., at Detroit in Canada

321 St. Andrews L., Robin Hood, Charles Street, St. Jamess
322 L. of Perseverance, Westminster Arms, Tuthill Street
323 L. of Concord, Guildhall, Southampton
324 Royal Oak L., Royal Oak, Ripon, Yorkshire
325 L. of Honor, Blue Anchor, St. Ermins Hill, Broadway,Westminster
326 Industrious L., Kings Head, Canterbury
327 St. Peters L., Bell, Upper Mount Street, Grosvenor Square
328 King of Prussia, Penrith, Cumberland
329 L. of United Friendship, Falcon Tavern, Gravesend

330 L. of The Nine Muses, Thatched House Tavern, St. Jamess Street
331 Union L., Golden Lion, Thursday Market, York
332 Social L., White Hart, Bocking, Essex
333 Gnoll L., Ship and Castle, Neath, Glamorganshire
334 Lodge in the Island of Nevis
335 In the 6th, or Inniskilling Regiment of Dragoons
336 Impregnable L., New Rose Inn, Sandwich

337 Lodge at Messina, in Sicily

338 Northumberland L., Alnwick, Northumberland
339 L. of Independence, Vine Tavern, Broad Street, Ratcliff
340 Pilgrim L., Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen Street
341 L. of Fortitude, Bell Inn, Maidstone, Kent

342 L. of St. George, in the 1st Regt. of Dragoon Guards
343 St. Hilds L., South Shields, Durham
344 Merchants L., Star and Garter Tavern, Liverpool
345 L. at Liebau, in Courland
346 L. at Naples
347 St. Michaels L-, Alnwick, Northumberland
348 St. Georges L., Town Hall, Doncaster

349 Alfred L., Wetherby, Yorkshire
350 L. of Rural Friendship, Rowelles Tavern, Chelsea
351 Rodney L., Kingston-upon-Hull
352 L. of Friendship, Dartmouth, Devonshire
353 L. of Reformation, Bricklayers Arms, Flaggon Row, Deptford
354 La Loggia della Verita, Naples
355 Hiram L., Sugar Loaf, Gt. St. Helens Street, Mary Axe

356 St. Georges, E. York Militia L. in East Riding of York Militia
357 L. of Science, Parade Coffee House, Salisbury
358 Old British and Ligtirian L., Genoa
359 Mount Sinai L., St. Johns, Antigua
360 L. of True Love and Unity, Brixham, Devon
361 L. of Peace, Joy, and Brotherly Love, Penryn, Cornwall

362 Mariners L., New Dock, Liverpool
363 Minerva L., Hull, Yorkshire
364 L. of Good Intention, in North or 2nd Regt. Devon Militia
365 Loyal L., Globe Inn, Barnstaple
366 Apollo L., Parade Coffee House, Salisbury

367 L. of Placentia, Newfoundland
368 Holmesdale L. of Freedom and Friendship, Bell, Reigate, Surrey
369 Harmonic L., Bull Inn, Dudley, Worcestershire
370 African L., Boston, New England
371 L. of Truth, Crown, Twickenham, Middlesex
372 Raby L., Raby Castle, Staindrop, Durham

373 Royal Gloucester L., Bell Inn, Gloucester
374 L. of Concord, Old Kings Arms, Plymouth Dock
375 La Parfaite Amitie, at Avignon, Lauguedoc
376 St. Johns L., at Michlimacinac, Canada
377 Barry L., in the 34th Regiment
378 Rainsford L., in the 44th Regiment
379 Tyrian L., George Inn, Derby
380 LEgalitc, Coach and Horses, Frith Street, Soho
381 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
382 Trinity L., Golden Lion, Coventry
383 L. of Unanimity, Sadler St., Wells, Somersetshire
384 L. of Harmony, Hampton Conrt
385 L. of St. George, White Hart, New Windsor, Berks
386 Thanet L., Parade Hotel, Margate
387 L. of Good Intent, Ship Tavern, Leadenhall Street
388 White Lion, Whitchurch, Shropshire
389 L. of Perfect Friendship, Kings Head, King Street, Ipswich
390 L. of Unions, Spread Eagle, Pratt Street, Lambeth

391 L. of Independence, Castle and Falcon, Watergate St., Chester
392 L. of Benevolence, Antelope Inn, Sherborn, Dorset
393 St. Margarets L., Rose and Crown, Dartmouth Street, Westminster
394 L. of Friendship and Sincerity, Red Lion Inn, Shaftesbury, Dorset
395 Phoenix L., George Tavern, Portsmouth
396 L. of the Black Bear, City of Hanover
397 St. Johns L., Golden Cross, Broomsgrove, Worcestershire
398 Carnatio Military Lodge, at Vellore, No. 2, Coast of Coromandel
399 At Futty Ghur, Bengal
400 Hirams L., at Gibraltar
401 L. of Goodwill, Braintree, Essex
402 L. of Sincerity, Buck and Vine, Wigan, Lancashire
403 Lodge of Harmony, Golden Lion, Ormskirk, Lancashire
404 Snowden L., Sportsman, Carnarvon, N. Wales

405 L. of St. Charles, at Hildeburghausen
406 St. MatheVs L., Barton upon Humber
407 Amphibious L., Stonehonse, near Plymouth
408 Newtonian L., Elephant and Castle, Knaresborough
409 Royal Navy L., Seahorse Tavern, Gosport
410 L. of Trade and Navigation, New Eagle and Child, Northwich, Cheshire
411 L. of Unity, Three Crowns Inn, Litchfield
412 Prince of Waless L., Star and Garter, Pall Mall
413 L. Astrea at Riga, with permission to assemble in the Duchy of Courland
414 Royal Denbigh L., at the Crown Inn, Denbigh, N. Wales
415 L. Absalom, have met since 1740
416 L. of St. George, do. 1743 at Hambourg
417 L. Emannel, do. 1774 at Hambourg
418 L. Ferdinand and Caroline, have met since 1776 at Hambourg
419 L. of Perfect Harmony, St. Thomas Mount, No. 3,Coast of Coromandel
420 L. of Social Friendship, at Madras, No. 4, Coast of Coromandel
421 L. at Trichinopoly, No. 5, Coast of Coromandel
422 L. of Social Friendship, St. Thomas Mount, No. 6, Coast of Coromandel
423 Prince of Wales L., White Lion, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
424 St. Pauls L., Montreal, Canada
425 In the Regt. of Anhalt, Zerbst
426 L. of Unity, at Fort William Henry, in Canada
427 St. Jamess L., at Cataraqui, in Canada
428 Select L., at Montreal, in Canada
429 New Oswegatchie L., in Canada
430 St. Johns L. at Niagara, in Canada

431 Pythagorean L., Castle Tavern, Richmond, Surrey
432 Wiltshire L., Black Swan, Devizes, Wiltshire
433 L. of Unanimity, Swan Inn, Ilminster, Somersetshire
434 Salopian I/., at the Fox, in Shrewsbury
435 Bank of England L., Guildhall Coffee House, King Street, Cheapside
436 L. of Honor and Perseverance, Ship, Cockermouth, Cumberland
437 Philanthropic L., Ball Inn, Melford, Suffolk
438 Duke of Yorks L., Black Boy Inn, Doncaster
439 Royal Yorkshire L., Devonshire Arms, Keighley, Yorkshire
440 The Old Globe L., the Old Globe Inn, Scarborough
441 L. of Napthali, New Market Inn, Manchester
442 L. of Unity, Royal Oak, Manchester
443 L. of Union, St. Johns Tavern, Manchester
444 L. of Fidelity, Thorn Inn, Burnley, Lancashire

445 Egerton L., Coach and Horses, Whitchurch, Shropshire
446 Star and Garter, Pall Mall
447 L.of Unity, at Dantziok
448 St. Johns L. of Socrecy and Harmony, Malta
449 Country Stewards L., Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen Street
450 At Frederioton, New Brunswick, N. America
451 Cambrian L., Swan Inn, Brecon, S. Wales
452 Royal Clarence L., White Horse, Brighthelmstone, Sussex
453 L. of Harmony, at the White Hart, in the Drapery, Northampton
454 Beneficent L., the Angel, Macclesfield, Cheshire
455 Royal York L., Bush Tavern, Corn St. Bristol
456 L. Frederiok Charles Joseph, of the Golden Wheel, at Mentz
457 Wrekin L., at the Pheasant, Wellington, Shropshire
458 L. of Tranquility, Three Tons Tavern, Smithy Door, Manchester
459 Independent L., at the Black Lion and Swan, Congleton, Cheshire
460 Albion L., at Skipton, Yorkshire
461 L. of Harmony, Angel Inn, Halifax, Yorkshire
462 L. of Good Fellowship, Saracens Head, Chelmsford, Essex
463 L. of Friendship, Angel, Oldham, Lancashire
464 L. of the North Star, at Fredericksnagore, Bengal
465 Calpean L., at Gibraltar

466 Friendship L., Nags Head Inn, Leather Lane, Holborn
467 Harodim L., Freemasons Tavern, Great Queen Street
468 Harmony L., Dolphin Hotel, Chichester, Sussex
469 Royal Clarence L., George Inn, Frome, Somersetshire
470 Corinthian L., Rutland Arms, Newark, Nottingham
471 St. Johns L., Lion and Dolphin, Market Place, Leicester
472 L. Archimedes, of the Three Tracing Boards, Altenburg, Germany
473 L. of the Three Arrows, at Nurnberg, Germany
474 L. of Constancy, at Aix la Chapelle, Germany
475 L. of the Rising Sun, Kempton in Swabia, Germany
476 L. of the Temple of True Concord, at Cassel, Germany
477 L. Charles of Unity, at Carlsruhe, Germany
478 L. of Perfect Equality, at Creyfeld, Germany
479 L. Astrea, of the Three Elms, at Ulm, Germany
480 L. of St. Charlos of the Red Tower, at Ratisbon, Germany
481 L. of Solid Friendship, at Trichinopoly, No. 7, Coast Coromandel
482 Red Lion, Stockport, Cheshire
483 Rein Deer Inn, Worcester
484 L. of Fortitude, Golden Shovel, Lancaster

485 Silurean L., Swan Inn, Kingston, Herefordshire
486 L. of Friendship, Gibraltar
487 Bedford L., Kings Arms, Tavistock, Devonshire
488 L. of Amity, Swan Inn, Rochdale, Lancashire
489 At Aberistwith, S. Wales
490 L. of the Silent Temple, at Hildesheim, in Germany
491 Dorio L., George Inn, Grantham, Lincolnshire
492 St. John L., at the Talbot, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire
493 Loyal and Prudent Lodge, Leeds, Yorkshire
494 L. of Love and Harmony, Barbadoes

495 At Bulam, on the Coast of Africa
496 N. Nottinghamshire L., White Hart, East Retford
497 L. of St. George, North Shields, Northumberland
498 Rawdon L., between the Lakes in Upper Canada
499 Faithful L., Bideford, Devon
500 L. of Prudence, at the Three Tuns, Halesworth, Suffolk
501 Little White Swan, St. Peters, Mancroft, Norwich
502 L. of Love and Honour, Boll Inn, Shipton Mallet, Somerset
503 Boyal Gloucester L., East-street, Southampton
504 Samaritan L., the Devonshire Arms, Keighley, Yorkshire
505 Philanthropic L., Bed Lion, Skipton, Yorkshire
506 L. of the Three Graces, Barr.oldswick, Craven, Yorkshire
507 Bermuda L., St. Georges, Bermuda
508 Noahs Ark L., Canal Coffee House, Middlewick, Cheshire
509 Beneficent L., Stockport, Cheshire
510 Urania L., Angel Inn, Glamford Bridge, Lincolnshire
511 L. of Harmony, Bacup, Lancashire
512 L. of Fidelity, Old George Inn, Briggate, Leeds

513 At the White Hart, Huddersfield, Yorkshire
514 Union Soho L., Parish of Handsworth, Staffordshire
515 Cambridge New L., Red Lion, Cambridge
516 Shakespear L., Whito Lion, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire
517 Rural Philanthropical L., Highbridge Inn, Huntspill, Somersetshire
518 At the Castle, Lord Street, Liverpool
519 Scarsdale L., Augol Inn, Chesterfield, Derbyshire
520 The Kings Friends L., Three Pidgeons, Nantwich, Cheshire
521 Union L., Cornwall, Upper Canada
522 St. Johns L. of Friendship, at Montreal
523 Friendly Brothers L., Roebuok, Newcastle, Staffordshire
524 L. of Urbanity, Bear Inn, Wincanton, Somersetshire
525 Constitutional L., Golden Ball, Beverley, Yorkshire
526 Union L., Macclesfield, Cheshire
527 Royal Brunswick L., Royal Oak, Sheffield, Yorkshire
528 L. at Chunar, in the East Indie9, 8th L. of Bengal
529 L. of Mars, Cawuporo, 9th L. of Bengal
530 Witham L., Rein Deer Inn, Lincoln
531 L. of Unity, Yarmouth, Norfolk
532 L. of Harmony, Rochdale
533 Royal Edward L., Leominster
534 Lodge of St. John, at the Grapes, Lancaster

535 L. of Emulation, Rose, Dartford, Kent
536 L. of Minerva, Globe, Ashton under Line, Lanc.
537 Apollo L., Angel, Alcestor, Warwickshire
538 L. of Unity and Friendship, Brandford, Wilts
539 L. of Hope; Bradford, Yorkshire
540 Benevolent L., W. Teignmouth, Devon
541 L. in Royal Regt. of Cheshire Militia
542 Philanthropic L., Leeds
543 Crown, Nantwich, Cheshire
544 Apollo L., Beccles, Suffolk

545 L. of St. Winifred, Holywell, Flintshire
546 Alfred L., Leeds
547 St. Bartholomews L., Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire
548 L. of Peace and Good Neighbourhood, Wynnstay, Denbighshire

549 L. of Prince Frederiok, Stag, Heptonstall, Yorkshire
550 L. of Prince George, Bottoms, Stansfield
551 L. of Harmony, Gosport
552 Perfeot L., R. A. Hotel, Woolwich
553 L. of Strict Benevolence, Wisbeach, Cambridgeshire
554 Vectis L. of Peace and Concord
555 Union L., Carlisle
556 Ebenezer L., Pately Bridge, Yorkshire
557 South Saxon L., Lewes, Sussex
558 L. of Harmony, Tamworth, Warwickshire
559 L. of Unanimity and Industry, No. 2, Fort Marlborough, Sumatra

560 Prestonian L. of Perfect Friendship, Grays Thurrock, Essex
561 Lion L., Whithy, Yorkshire
562 L. of Ferdinand, at the Bock (have met since 1788), at Hambourgh
563 Norwich Theatrical L., Angel, Norwich
564 L. of United Friends, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
565 L. of Peace and Unity, Preston, Lane.
566 Royal Cinque Port L., Seaford, Sussex
567 Social L., Hoop Inn, Cambridge

568 L. at St. Helena
569 L. of Philanthropists, Snrat, East Indies
570 The Jacobs L., Royal Oak, Ramsgate
571 L. of Truth, 1st Regt. Life Guards, Cadogan Arms, Sloane Street
572 L. of Attention, Green Dragon, Lynn, Norfolk
573 L. of Innocence and Morality, Hindon, Wilts
574 L. of Unity, Peace, and Cuncord at Madras (No. 9 C. of Coroman.)

575 Alltnans L., Admonbury, Yorkshire
576 Mariners L., Selby, Yorkshire
577 L. of the Three Grand Principles, Penryn, Cornwall
578 L. of Industry, Bridge North, Shropshire
579 L. of Prudence and Industry, Chard, Somersetshire
580 L. of Affability, Robin Hood, Newton Lane, Manchester
581 L. of Reason, Ashford, Kent
582 True and Faithful L., Helston, Cornwall
583 L. of Harmony, Hastings, Sussex
584 L. of Fellowship, Winchester
585 L. of Loyalty, Motham, Cheshire

586 L. in Island of Minorca
587 L. in Regt. of Loyal Surrey Rangers

588 L. Gunther, of the Standing Lion, Rudolstadt (have met since 1787)
589 L. Charles Augustus, at Alstaedt, Germany

590 St. Andrews Union L., in 19th Regt. of Foot, Madras (No. 10, C. of Coromaudel)
591 L. of Philanthropists, in Scotch Brigade, Madras (No. 11, C. of Coromandel)
592 L. of Goldon Hart, at Oldenburgh, in Germany (have met since 1776)
593 Globe L. at Lubeck (have mot since 1779)
594 L. of the Three Stars, Rostock
595 Warren L., Warsergate, Nottingham
596 St. Peters L., Peterborongh

597 L. of the Crowned Serpent, Goerlitz, Germany (have met since 1764)

598 L. of Apollo, Leipsick, in Germany

599 L. of Unity, Unicorn, Stockport, Cheshire
600 L. of Peace, Coach and Horses, Stockport, Cheshire
601 L. of Concord, Queens Head, Stockport, Cheshire
602 Moira L., New Inn, Staloy Bridge, Lane.




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