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The deadpubs site, the oldest pubs in the UK - apparently

I have been researching pub history for 10 to 15 years. The deadpubs site was the original site name, and is now a separate site about pub history.

This site is where you will now also find my plans for 2017 and beyond for the pub history sites. Here goes;

As an aside, when you talk to people about genealogy, the first thing they ask you is how far back you have got in your tree. I tell them I got back to my grandmother, then found a brilliant researcher of the family!

Similar claims go for the early pubs. Most of my research has been in Victorian times for pub history, as this is where most records are available. Before this, you can often name a pub in an area, but the detail is not always clear. For example, the Red Lion existed in London in 1666; what does  this tell me?

So, as an aside, I thought I would research some of the claims for the earliest pubs in the UK and see where the actual proof comes from, it's called referencing - none of the details for claim 1 or 2 are referenced, and I am always sceptical when Ye Old is in the name - claim 3 is completely made up of  alternative news:

Claim 1: The Clachan Inn, Scotland - dating back to 1734, officially the oldest pub in Scotland (according to whom? ) ; The Sheep Heid Tavern, Edinburgh, Scotland dates back to 1360 according to unofficial claims, Apparently it was first named the Sheep Heid in 1710; the Old Ferryboat, Holywell, in St Ives, said to have been built in 560 AD. The first record dates back to the 12th century, allegedly ; The Man and Scythe, in Bolton, has records showing it dates back to 1251 (records not referenced); Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham claims to date back to 1189, and I have read some of these claims. More unreferenced and incorrect claims; The Skirrid (Mountain) Inn, Abargavenny, in Wales claims to have been recorded over a thousand years ago, although only rebuilt in the 17th century; Ye Old Fighting Cocks, St Albans - apparently referenced by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest pub in England.

Claim 2: (Daily Mail) suggests that the Porch House, in Stow upon the Wold, is England's oldest inn, with parts of the building dating back to 947BC, probably the exposed Georgian beams.

Claim 3: (Donald Trump & Fox News) suggest that from his Scottish genealogy, the oldest pub in Scotland is actually the Wetherspoons pub in Inverurie, i.e. the Gordon Highlander ; the original photographs of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the early fighting instruments date this back to the 1600s. The building is built on Scottish earth which has existed since the start of time, and people have been drinking in this area since they ever stared drinking. All facts.

Claim 4: An early London tavern, the Mourning Bush tavern - backed up with facts and references & later detail

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