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The deadpubs site, UK Pub History

I have been researching pub history for 10 to 15 years. The deadpubs site was the original site name, and is now a separate site about pub history.

This site is where you will now also find my plans for 2017 and beyond for the pub history sites. Here goes;

Firstly, the pubshistory.com site currently lists all of London, and all of the South East, and is far too large a site. I will definitely leave ALL London pub history on this site, and also Middlesex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. I will also likely keep Berkshire and Buckinghamshire on this site. These are the London home counties as far as I am concerned.

Now purchased a new site, southernpub.co.uk to host the south west (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset & Somerset) plus Wiltshire, Hampshire and Isle of Wight. Other areas moving here are Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire.

I also have a separate site - londonpublichouse.com which currently does nothing useful. I do not have a suggestion for this site, as London needs to stay on the main site.

The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire, Suffolk could also be moved, i.e, East Anglia; as below.

The pubhistory.co.uk site now lists the rest of England, including Staffordshire, Deryshire, Lancashire etc; this is an improvement. I think I may also move all of East Anglia to this site, i.e. Suffolk, Cambridge etc. I need a map.

The pubsinuk.com site lists Scotland, and will also include Wales. This site has one pub, so not overloaded! This site is wasted and is NOT really relevant to Sotland & Wales. 

A new cheap site, hosted by a different provider, is currently detailing a number of 2017 listings of the relevant 58000 pubs in 2017. These pages link to the other sites and already have many links. This site is best known as london17.co.uk but also hosts as pubshistory.co.uk

The pub history sites are regularly updated by Stephen and Kevan, plus an 'open' group of like-minded individuals on a daily basis; and anyone is welcome to contribute. If you visit the site, you will quickly understand that this is more than just a pub history site.

Do you have a victualler, publican or beer retailer in your family history? This site will, hopefully, answer your questions as to where their pub was.

The (deadpubs) pub history site is now a brief introduction on what and where to find pub history.

Pubs, like churches move slowly over a period of time, I use this to my advantage;as I do other buildings like hospitals. The site is a little lacking in modern history, and does not always have post codes or a recognisable modern address.


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